Advanced Nanomaterials Research Laboratory

Our newly established laboratory aims to synthesize advanced materials on the nanoscale as well as high-temperature superconductors! The fabricated materials are targeted toward applications that improve electronics, biosensors, photo-catalysts, permanent magnets, superconducting magnets, anti-bacterial materials, less corrosive materials, and more shielding and radiation protection.

Research Infrastructure of the Laboratory

LTF - Tube Furnace - 1200°C - Lenton Furnace, KJ-1200G Laboratory Tube Furnace, Muffle Furnace 1300°C, Gallenkamp Box Furnace FSL-340-110w, Manual Hydraulic Press, Spin Coater-Laurell WS-650MZ-23NPPB, Planetary Ball Mill PM 100-RETSCH, Heated Ultrasonic Bath-H (9 L).


The core competencies of the ANRL lie in the well-equipped environment for versatile synthesis procedures including nanomaterials, superconductors, polyoxometalates, and polymers…. Currently, the graduates are working on the preparation of the various mentioned materials. The primary focus of the research topics examined are listed below:

    • Spherical and needle-shaped nanoparticles
    • Magnetic nanomaterials
    • Hard/soft nanocomposites
    • Oxides/ferrites nanocomposites
    • Cuprates superconductors
    • Nano/superconductor composites