Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences

Prof. Rajaa Fakhoury


The Faculty of Health Sciences is the most recent addition to Beirut Arab University’s faculties established in 2006 with the nursing program only and expanded in 2008 to include three additional programs. The Faculty was established to meet the rising needs for professionals specialized in health-related sciences namely Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Technology & Physical Therapy.

Our Faculty is the only Faculty of Health Sciences in Lebanon having all its programs accredited by international agencies. In 2016, the Physical Therapy program awarded accreditation by the World Physical Therapy (WPT). One year later, the three other programs were accredited by the German accreditation agency AHPGS.

Our target is to turn our students into successful health professionals through scientific studies and clinical trainings based on international benchmark standards. This will enable them to cope with the rapidly evolving healthcare professions and to compete in the job market both regionally and internationally.

We offer a broad array of healthcare programs at the graduate levels. The postgraduate programs offered at our Faculty include Master in Nursing, Infection Prevention & Control, Food Analysis & Safety, Nutrition, Medical Laboratory Sciences (Hematology/Microbiology) and Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).

Our mission also includes community health services provided by the Physical Therapy Outpatient clinic, the Nutrition and Weight Management clinic affiliated with Italy for applying Cognitive behavior therapy, as well as the Simulation Nursing and biomedical laboratories. In addition, our Faculty had the privilege to host the BAU Life Support Center (BAULS) which is an American Heart Association authorized training reference center.

The Faculty research themes include Illness and Therapy, Medical Education, Prevention and Health Promotion and Food Technology & Processing. To achieve excellence in research, the Faculty has established international collaboration with many research institutions in the Gulf, France, Italy, Norway and the US.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve your career goals in your healthcare profession. Step in with us into an evolving exciting new world of health through some of the best and leading programs in Lebanon.