Collaboration with the Emergency and Relief CORPS

23 September 2023


The Faculty of Health Sciences in Tripoli participated in an activity organized by the Emergency and Relief CORPS, a branch of the Lebanese Succor Association, in collaboration with the Lebanese Army. The activity tested the readiness of the Emergency and Relief paramedic team and the medical team towards care for hostages and injuries after a simulated raid of the army on a building overtaken by terrorists. In another scenario, the army interrupted the transfer of illegal immigrants on a small boat in the sea. The simulated injuries were transferred to a field hospital, which included physicians and 31 Nurses from Beirut Arab University, Department of Nursing. The team attended to 50 injuries that were distributed between the yellow zone and the red zone. The injuries included burns of different degrees, Gunshot wounds of different severity, head trauma, traumatic amputation of the limb, broken ribs with lung puncture, open fractures, severe crush injuries, etc…

The activity was concluded after thanking the participants for their readiness and professional approach throughout the event.