Department of Nursing


The mission of the Nursing Department is to promote and maintain the highest level of education through improvement in education, research quality, and community services in the fields of Nursing. The Department offers a comprehensive educational program through varieties of teaching/learning methodology, laboratory, clinical experiences and field training, which are culturally and ethically sensitive. Graduates of the Department will be able to function in changing and diversifying health care settings. The Department provides evidence-based practice according to the highest professional standards by the incorporation of recent research findings into professional practice. To achieve its mission, the Department relies on highly specialized and dedicated staff members.


Enhancement of the academic experience, growth and the provision of increased educational opportunities through:

• Providing competent professional graduates who can meet the rapid changes in the health field.

• Preparing graduates to practice in a manner responsive to the community needs while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

• Promoting and maintaining continuous cooperation and interaction with local, regional and international health care organizations.

Developing research and knowledge transfer activities through:

• Providing open access to a number of international journals through the e-library.

• Allowing undergraduate and postgraduate nurses to participate in the development of research projects.

• Providing opportunities to the staff members to participate in research projects.

• Supervising and supporting post-graduate students while conducting research and writing their theses, which are selected according to the needs of the health care practice.

• Establishing a research committee as a lesion between the faculty of health science, Beirut Arab University and different health facilities.

Providing Community Services:

• Demonstrating awareness of community health needs and problems, factors affecting them, and different modalities of interventions; with attention to vulnerable population.

• Considering community and market needs when addressing curriculum changes.

• Participating in the process of continuous professional development of nurses in different health care practices

• Providing health education and services to various community sectors.

Organizational development and strategic investment of resources:

• Developing the existing nursing labs to provide high quality learning, teaching and research environment.

• Selecting and retaining of high quality staff and investing in staff development according to the university employment policies.

• Developing an information infrastructure to support excellence in learning, teaching and research.


The Nursing department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The Nursing department offers the following graduate programs: