Medical Laboratory Technology

Department of Medical Laboratory Technology


The mission of the department of Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is to prepare graduate competent and ethically oriented clinical laboratory professionals with the knowledge and the skills for career entry and practice. It is also the Department’s mission to prepare graduates for leadership roles in the clinical laboratory and professional organizations and to instill an understanding of the need for maintaining continuing competency in a rapidly changing and dynamic profession. To achieve its mission, the department relies on highly specialized dedicated staff members.


Undergraduate education in the MLT Department provides: • Fundamental knowledge in basic and clinical sciences. • The opportunity to practice in different areas of interest such as Hematology and Blood Banking, Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Serology/ Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, and Histopathology. • Intensive training in problem solving, laboratory skills, and practical skills. • A well-rounded education that includes communication skills, the ability to function well on a team, an appreciation for ethical behavior, and the ability to engage in lifelong learning. This education is expected to prepare our students to thrive and to lead. It also prepares them to achieve our Program Educational Objectives: Successful Careers: Graduates of the program will have successful technical or professional careers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Lifelong Learning: Graduates of the program will continue to learn and to adapt in a world of constantly developing technology and technological devices.


The Medical Laboratory Technology department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The Medical Laboratory Technology department offers the following graduate programs: