Vision & Mission


The vision of the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment is to foster a challenging learning environment and to continually compete as well as lead advances in architectural education, in order to prepare innovative, critical and industrious graduates able to improve, through their future careers, the quality of the built environment.


Consistent with the master plan of BAU, the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment is committed to delivering a professional architectural education necessary for those seeking to enter the architectural practice. The Faculty's academic mission is to further develop the discipline and practice of architecture through a seamless program of undergraduate and postgraduate studies pursuing the following:

  • Maintaining the strength of the faculty through focusing on the core areas of the profession: Architectural and Urban Design, Execution Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Analysis, as well as Construction Engineering, while integrating and evolving theories, practices, and technologies into the curriculum
  • Providing an educational atmosphere that respects individualism and diversity, while fostering the development of articulated, creative and rational design & problem-solving process
  • Educating architects and planners in order to practice their career in a responsive manner, thus being responsible to the society, culture and the environment
  • Advancing architectural knowledge through research and critical thinking; and using all attained knowledge to benefit local, regional and global communities