Historical Background

The Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment, founded in 1962 as the fourth faculty (initially “Faculty of Architectural Engineering”) at Beirut Arab University (BAU) has undergone a lot of developments to keep in line with international approaches in architecture, one of which is the rename of the Faculty in the Spring of 2016/ 2017. The Faculty, which originally started with 26 students in 1962 and prospered into a total of 557 students in the Fall of 2016/ 2017, has always assumed a key role in addressing the needs of students in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The Faculty has undergone significant relocation over time to accommodate the increasing demand of students and facilities. Starting with the Main Building in Beirut Campus, the Faculty relocated to Hariri Building, Beirut Campus in 1987, occupying the top four floors, and then as the first BAU Faculty to relocate to the newly established Debbieh Campus in the Shouf District in 2006. Besides the change in location, the Faculty has constantly updated its curricula as evident in the development from the extended academic year system to the two academic term scheme in 1993 and the Credit Hour System in 2005.

In 2005, the Faculty implemented the Credit Hour System, thereby offering students a more adaptable and responsive program spreading over a ten-semester period (minimum). In June 2012, the five-year Bachelor program in Architecture was awarded unconditional validation for RIBA Part 1. During the Academic Year 2013/ 2014, the program structure has been revised and re-organized aiming the completion of Part 1 after a 4 year period (140 credits taken over 8 semesters) and Part 2 after 2 additional years (58 credits taken over 4 semesters).

The Faculty currently offers a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Architecture (MArch), which has been awarded since February 3, 2016 with nomination for RIBA Part 2. The extension of the RIBA Part 1 accreditation will be considered for the Bachelor’s Degree in the upcoming Full Board Visit to the Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment.

In addition to the Faculty’s main location in Debbieh Campus, the Faculty also offers degrees in Architecture in Tripoli Campus of BAU. This campus, located in Basateen, Al Mena area next to the Olympic Stadium, covers a land area of 15,540 m2 and overviews the sea with a frontage of 185 m. The Campus was launched in 2010 and comprises a multitude of faculties and facilities.