Faculty of Architecture hosted Eng. Toufic Sinan for an introductory lecture under the title: "How to join the Order of Engineers and Architects"

09 April 2021


The Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University hosted the introductory Lecture on how to join the Order of Engineers and Architects (OEA). The Lecture was organized by the Alumni and Career Office at Beirut Arab University in collaboration with the OEA in Beirut via ZOOM on 03-31-2021.

The Faculty Dean, Professor Ibtihal Al-Bastawissi, welcomed Eng. Toufic Sinan, the member of the OEA Council and the head of its scientific committee, and thanked him for allocating this lecture to the fifth-year students of the faculty. The Dean also thanked Mrs. Iman Abu Haiba, Coordinator of the Alumni Career Office At BAU, for organizing this Lecture and for the efforts she exerts in activating the Alumni activities.

Professor Al-Bastawisi emphasized the importance of the relationship with the OEA, which the Faculty of Architecture is keen to strengthen through its participation in all committees and activities, as well as through the constant keenness to invite the OEA as a partner in all the Faculty’s international conferences and scientific activities.

In turn, Eng. Sinan thanked the Faculty Dean for her support and for her keenness to attend in person with this large number of students. which confirms her interest in introducing graduating students to the mechanisms of joining the OEA and facilitating these mechanisms for them. Eng. Senan also thanked Dr. Khaled Sadek for the coordination and follow-up. And finally, he thanked the President of the University, Professor Amr Jalal Al-Adawi, for his constant interest in establishing the best relations between the university and the civil society institutions in Lebanon and abroad.

Finally, Mrs. Iman Abu Haiba acknowledged Prof. Al-Bastawisi for her constant attention to all the details related to the needs of the students in all the studying stages at the faculty as well as in the transitional stages and also for her constant endeavor to support and guide them in this transitional stage of their life.