The Release of new short animation movie, entitled: Beyond the Concept’.

08 March 2021


The Faculty of Architecture - Design & Built Environment, Beirut Arab University, would like to release a new short animation movie, entitled: ‘Beyond the Concept’. It highlights the process of blended learning, which occurred in the third-level architectural design studio along with the Fall semester 2020-2021. The dean Prof. Ibtihal Y. El-Bastawissi emphasizes that from the difficult circumstances, new innovative ideas can go to the light. ‘AI Trade’ and ‘Humane Architecture’ were the design themes presented in the movie. Respectively, the first theme was experienced through the design of ‘Amazon Centre’. It is a hypothetical project to envision building Amazon headquarters of the Middle East in Beirut. It was functional, futuristic, and iconic. The second theme was examined through designing a ‘Humanitarian Pavilion’. It is a philosophic, symbolic, and story-telling project. Both projects concentrated on teaching students how to create ‘Universal Space’, ‘Remarkable Structure-System’, and ‘Technological Features’.

Course Instructors: Dr. Maged Youssed, Dr. Chadi Khouri, Mr. Rabie Shbaro, Ms. Nabila Ghabra, Ms. Farah Zayat, Ms. Nour El-Baba, & Mr. Rachid Hajjar.

This video was combined by Mohamed Abo Ammo & Khaled Kojok

Faculty of Architecture - Design & Built Environment

Beirut Arab University

Fall 2020-2021