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Preventive & Community Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the modern way of helping patients to keep a healthy mouth. It helps preserve dental and oral tissues. The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum diseases. The better the way of prevention or dealing with these two problems, the higher the chance of keeping teeth for life.

The department of Developmental Sciences is assessing the effectiveness of dental traumatic injuries’ educational message on school teachers in Beirut and Correlation between cervical vertebral maturation and hand-wrist maturity indicators in a sample of Lebanese population. Moreover, assessment of community needs and implementations of dental health education programs is also of special concerns.

Recently, research within this domain use and upgrade existing preventive technologies to their best advantage and to devise even better preventive measures for the population who are at highest risk of caries and periodontal disease.

Child Management

Dentists are expected to recognize and effectively treat childhood dental diseases that are within the knowledge and skills acquired during their professional education. Safe and effective treatment of these diseases requires an understanding of and, at times, modifying the child’s and family’s response to care. Behaviour guidance techniques, both non-pharmacological and pharmacological, are used to alleviate anxiety, foster a positive dental attitude, and perform quality oral health care safely and efficiently for infants, children, and persons with special health care needs.

The future plans for this research sub-theme will focus on pain control and different modalities of treatment with less traumatic experience within the scope of early diagnosis and minimal interventions pediatric dentistry.

The department of Developmental Sciences works well within this field, research will be intended for the benefit and the sake of child psychology specially and pediatric dentistry in general.