Parking Areas

To maintain safety and convenience of our students, we have dedicated parking lots across our campuses. Parking areas are equipped with surveillance cameras. They are monitored by specialized parking lot staff.

Beirut Campus

Beirut Campus has a public parking lot for students, staff, and visitors. Students can either pay a daily or monthly fee for parking services. The parking lot has two entrances. The main entrance facing Hariri Building opens from 6:00 AM till 12:00 AM. The back entrance facing Camil Chamoun road opens from 7:00 AM till 5:00 PM. Overnight parking is allowed.

Debbieh Campus

Debbieh Campus has dedicated four parking areas for its students and staff inside campus, each with a capacity of 200 cards (except for the parking facing BAU dorms, which has a capacity of 100 cars). The parking areas are near major buildings at the University. These include faculty buildings and dorm buildings. The Parking in Debbieh opens from 6:00 AM till 12:00 PM. Overnight parking is allowed.

Tripoli Campus

Tripoli Campus has no designated parking lot area for students. However, the vast area around the campus allows students to find a multitude of parking spots around the campus.

Transportation Services

We like to make sure that our students arrive to BAU without having to worry about traffic congestion, city driving, and parking issues. For this reason, our buses allow students to relax, play music, and sleep while we take care of their daily commute.

Students can use our safe and reliable shuttle service through registering or paying daily.

Bus Schedule

Below is the bus schedule for Beirut and Debbieh Campuses:

Fall & Spring Bus Schedule Summer Bus Schedule
Destination Early Bus Late Bus Early Bus Late Bus
Beirut - Debbieh 7:10 AM 5:10 PM 8:10 AM 2:10 PM
Debbieh - Beirut 8:15 AM 6:15 PM* 10:15 AM 4:15 PM
Saida - Debbieh 7:10 AM 5:10 PM 8:10 AM 2:10 PM
Debbieh - Saida 8:15 AM 6:15 PM* 10:15 AM 4:15 PM

* Late buses till 8:15 PM are available in coordination with faculties when there are late classes at the University.

Tripoli Campus does not have a designated shuttle service. However, students can use the Connex shuttle service to reach the Campus. Additionally, it is very easy for students to take one of the cabs usually situated outside the University campus.

Fees (Beirut & Debbieh)

Students who hold a BAU student card can register for transportation services. The fees of registration are added to the tuition and are set according to the following chart:

Daily Semester-Based (1 semester)* Semester-Based (one-time registration for 2 semesters) (10% reduction)
3,500L.L. one-way 360,000L.L. 648,000L.L.

*Students who register for the summer semester have to pay daily.

Bus Procedures (Beirut & Debbieh)

BAU buses all follow a set of procedures to ensure the safety and convenience of all students. First, these buses are restricted to BAU students and staff. The transportation of anyone from outside BAU is prohibited. Also, students should all be seated. Buses should not take more students than their capacity. Smoking of course is not allowed in the buses. This is to make sure that all students are comfortable.

Students can report any violation of these terms to the contact persons specified in the complaints section.

Complaints (Beirut & Debbieh)

We hope that you are not faced with any problems or difficulties with our parking and transportation services. However, if you have any complaints or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the following persons:

Complaint Contact Person Location Contact Details
Parking Service Maher Khatib Beirut Cellphone: +96171402210 Ext: 2668
Transportation Service Mazen Ammouriah Beirut Ext: 2227
Parking Service General Affairs Debbieh Ext: 3114 or 3116
Transportation Service General Affairs Debbieh Ext: 3114 or 3116