Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

BAU provides direct financial support to students in the form of tuition fees reductions, they are eligible to apply if they:

  • Have registered 12 credit hours at BAU
  • Have a minimum CGPA of 2:00
  • Did not receive any sibling discounts or scholarships from BAU

Siblings Discount

All students who have (a) sibling(s) enrolled at the University during the same semester are eligible for a 12.5% discount on their overall tuition fees. The discount is applicable to each one of the siblings. The total deduction of all siblings will not exceed the total fees of any of the siblings.

Merit Scholarship

  • BAU annually grants a full scholarship to the top three students in each of the four branches of the Lebanese Baccalaureate official exam. These scholarships are renewable in subsequent semesters provided that the student maintains a minimum SGPA of 3.5.
  • Scholarships covering 50% of the tuition fees are awarded to the newly admitted students in the Fashion Design program at the faculty of Architecture – Design & Built Environment, the Arabic Language & Literature and the Mass Communication programs at the faculty of Human Sciences. These scholarships are renewable in subsequent semesters based on the student’s SGPA.

Baccalaureate Scholarship

This program aims to cover a percentage of the tuition fees of the first semester, of the newly admitted students in the faculties of Human Sciences, Science, Law & Political Science, Business Administration and the Nursing program at the faculty of Health Sciences, based on their Lebanese baccalaureate official exam results or its equivalent as shown below:

Baccalaureate Average 10.00 - 11.99 12.00 - 12.99 13.00 - 13.99 => 14.00
Scholarship % 10% 15% 20% 25%

Starting the second semester, the students can maintain the scholarship according to the previous semester GPA:

SGPA 2 - 2.32 2.33 - 2.66 2.67 - 2.99 3 - 4
Scholarship % 10% 15% 20% 25%

Ranking Scholarship

Each semester, a maximum of 5 top students, at each level of all undergraduate programs, who have completed 15 credits and above and having minimum SGPA 3.5, are exempted from a percentage of the subsequent semester tuition fees, and the number of scholarships is selected according to the number of students as follows:

Table 1

Rank of student Percentage received
1st 80%
2nd 50%
3rd 30%
4th 25%
5th 15%

Table 2

Number of students per level/ per program Maximum Number of scholarships
1 - 25 1
26 - 50 2
51 - 75 3
76 - 99 4
100 and up 5

Athletic Scholarship

Owing to the value of sports on health, BAU has established several sports clubs. Our teams organize and participate in friendly matches and competitions with other faculties and universities and win hundreds of championships. Thus, the students who are the best players have the privilege to benefit from the financial aid during their studies.

Bank Loans

The Bank Loan program is designed to provide Lebanese students with additional financial assistance and help them get a brighter future. The loan is with very low interest of 4% in Lebanese Pounds and students can benefit from a grace period of 1 year before starting principal repayment.

Work Study

The students have the opportunity to work in BAU different faculties, offices and departments. It helps them to improve their working, communication and academic skills. They will be assigned a limited number of hours per semester.