Hermon Mountain: Biodiversity Assessment Towards a Valorization and Conservation Action Plan

Status: Ongoing

Principle Investigator: Dr. Safaa Baydoun /Director of Research Center for Environment and Development-Beirut Arab University

Co Investigators:

  • Nelly Arnold, Biodiversity Expert, BAU
  • Lamis Chalak, Faculty of Agronomy, Lebanese University
  • Munier Mhanna, Rachaiya Center for Social Services, Ministry of Social Affairs

Funding Sources: Beirut Arab University Research Grant Program

Scientific Conferences Contributions:

  • “Flora Biodiversity in Hermon Mountain: Substantial Endemism”, Baydoun S. et al. (2015), the 21th International Conference for the Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science, Beirut, Lebanon (2015). (Full Text; PDF)
  • “Indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants used by the communities of Mount Hermon, Lebanon” ,Baydoun et al., 2015, the 15th International Congress of the International Society for Ethno pharmacology, Petra, Jordan, 2015. Retrieved from (Full Text; PDF)
  • 21th LAAS Conference 2015 Paper

  • Contributing to the 15th International Congress of the International Society for Ethnopharmacology, Petra, Jordan, 2015. (Full Text; PDF)
  • Abstract Paper


  • “Ethnopharmacological Survey of Medicinal Plants Used in Traditional Medicine by the Communities of Mount Hermon, Lebanon” - Journal of Ethnopharmacology. (Full Text; PDF)
  • ELSEVIER Article-173 (2015)

  • “Vascular Plants of Mount Hermon, Lebanon and their Ethnobotanical Traits. 1.” - Flora Mediterranea
  • (Full Text; PDF)

  • "Essential Oil and Bioactivity of the Ziziphora canescens Benth. Growing Wild in Lebanon" - Pharmacognosy Communications
  • (Full Text; PDF)

Community Dissemination:

  • Organizing the community awareness activity "Fascination of Mount Hermon Plants" on May 21th, 2015 as one of activities of the “Fascination of Plants Day 2015”, Lebanon. RCED in collaboration with Lebanese University shared with the teachers and students of “Mount Hermon Official School” - Rachaiya some valuable findings of the project highlighting the importance of the Hermon flora biodiversity and the threats it is experiencing. Go to pictures
  • Participating in commemoration of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ “ Yom Tajalli Day” at Rachaiya Al Wadi in Bekaa in a panel where Shias, Sunnis, Christians and Druzes gathered to discuss the sanctity of Hermon mountain. Go to pictures
  • Participating in “Sawt Lebnan” radio interview about the richness of Rachaiya that makes Jabal Al Sheikh an ideal place for environmental activities, researches and tourism. The project “Flora Biodiversity in Hermon Mountain” is funded by Beirut Arab University that has been presented by Ms. Helena Dalleh, research assistant at RCED, showing the importance of Rachaiya’s community engagement in the project work and the outputs of the study such as identifying 300 plant species and gathering knowledge and practices related to the utilization of the species in local communities during the passing 3 years. Go to pictures
  • Establishing a herbarium at RCED as a result of collecting, identifying and storing plants of Hermon, presenting the first preliminary inventory of plants from the Lebanese side of Hermon mountain.
  • Developing a community guide to some of the flora of the mountain that is planned to be published as a tool to improve public awareness of the importance of Mount flora biodiversity.