RCED hosted in 19 October 2016, a meeting of the USAID funded project “Water Project in Lebanon (LWP)” with the municipalities in Central Bekaa including the Union of the Municipalities, and the municipalities of Bwarej, Majdl Anjar, Anjar, Marj, Kab Elias, and Meksse. LWP is a five-year program funded by USAID with the objective to increase access to clean, reliable and sustainable sources of drinking water for Lebanese citizens ( .


  • Strengthening and improving service delivery and resource management at the water authorities
  • Enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the public water utilities and responding to water issues arising from the influx of Syrian refugees
  • Promoting better water governance to assure the long-term protection of Lebanon’s water resources
  • Improving private sector participation in water management

During the interactive meeting, LWP managers and consultants Drs. George Akl, Nabil Amasha, and Marwan Rizkalla introduced to participants the objectives and framework of LWP. This was followed by an open discussion on the needs of every municipality through which technical and capital assistance to enhance capacities and upgrade the infrastructure for better services and protection of natural resources were emphasized. The role of civil society and women as important stakeholders in water management and decision making is stressed. At the end of the meeting participants expressed the need to foster synergies and coordination between the Lebanese government, local authorities, private sector and NGOs towards a more efficient implementation of integrated actions.