the professional skills of youth and women in the rural region of Bekaa, RCED in collaboration with the various community service centers at BAU offers a wide spectrum of courses and training workshops including computer and software professional skills, business management, language skills and Women Empowerment Program.


Women Empowerment Program

AutoCAD and 3D Max are regularly offered to students and professionals to enhance their abilities and career opportunities through well designed and need-tailored curriculum.

Computer and Software Professional Skills

A workshop on “كيف أنشئ مشروعي الصغير؟ “ was jointly organized with the “Center For Entrepreneurship” (CFE) at BAU between 25th and 27th of April 2012. The workshop aimed to:

  • Empower women with the basic skills and knowledge to launch a successful business
  • Motivate and encourage women to participate in economic and social development initiatives
  • Promote the interaction between various participating women coming from various socioeconomic sectors and regional districts.

The workshop was sponsored by First National Bank and attended by 35 ladies representing NGOs and women groups from:

  • وزارة الشؤون الاجتماعية/ مركز الخدمات الإنمائية – زحلة
  • رابطة سيدات دير الأحمر
  • رابطة المرأة العاملة في لبنان
  • جمعية المواطن البعلبكي and others