Department of Law

The Faculty of Law was established in 1960 as one of the earliest faculties at BAU. Since then, this faculty has strived for excellence and provided Lebanon and the Middle East with quality Law graduates. The faculty actively pursues the developments in the legal profession and revises its programs accordingly. Realizing the need for legal specialization, the faculty introduced two postgraduate Diplomas in 1993; one in Private Law and the other in Public Law. Then in 1998, for the benefit of all the Political Science graduates in Lebanon and the region, the Diploma of International and Diplomatic Relations was added to its postgraduate programs. Furthermore, in 2005, the faculty council expanded its academic forte and launched the Department of Political Science to complement the already offered Diploma in the field. In 2006, the faculty added three more postgraduate Diplomas in the fields of Political Science, Administrative & Financial Science, and International Trade. These diplomas were launched because of Globalization as well as local changes to taxation laws introduced by the Lebanese Ministry of Finance (MoF). Moreover, the faculty took this initiative in order to address concerns raised by the MoF about Lebanese Law graduates, in general, lacking taxation laws skills. In 2007, the faculty adopted the Credit hours system across all its programs.


The Law department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The Law department offers the following graduate programs: