Admission Requirements for a Master Degree

Applying to BAU

To apply for a master degree, please obtain an application and submit it together with all required documents to the Graduate Department Office in Beirut Site or send it by email to

Graduate Admission Form (application)

Essential Requirements

  • Minimum grade: Bachelor degree with minimum CGPA 2.33 or minimum percentage grading system of 70%.
  • English language proficiency: English is the language of instruction. Hence, applicants must provide evidence of their English language proficiency when applying to programs in one of the following ways:
  • Test Minimum required score
    BAU's English Language Proficiency Exam 60%
    TOEFL (paper and pencil) 520
    TOEFL (internet-based) 68
    IELTS 5.5

    Students who score between 50 and 59% in BAU’s English Language Proficiency Exam might be accepted for enrolment, but they will have to take Intensive English courses.

  • Specialized Admission Exam and Interview:
    • Applicants to some Programs are required to attend an interview before the final decision of acceptance.
    • Applicants who’re graduated for 5 years or more are eligible for interview or a specialized exam to assess the level of their scientific information and familiarity with advanced information in their specialization.
    • Applicants for the MBA Program at the Faculty of Business administration requires at least two years of relevant graduate work experience.

    Application Checklist

    • An endorsed photocopy of the Individual Civil Status Record for Lebanese applicants and passport copy endorsed by an official entity for Non-Lebanese.
    • Two recent photos endorsed by an official entity.
    • An endorsed photocopy of the Official Lebanese Secondary Certificate or its equivalent.
    • An endorsed photocopy of the Bachelor Degree along with a transcript of the courses studied and grades attained.
    • An equivalence of the Bachelor Degree from the Ministry of higher education in Lebanon is a must before submitting the application.
    • Two recommendation letters (Graduate Recommendation Form)

    Semester Duration and Admission Dates

    • Fall Semester: Spans 14 week and starts in September: Students are required to submit their application between 1 April and 31 July.
    • Spring Semester: Spans 14 week and starts in February. Students are required to submit their application between 1 December and 31 December.
    For all dates, use the following link to access the calendar: Graduate Academic Calendar.


    Students are to check the Graduate Studies office within a month from the date of their application of the decision. The final acceptance in a program is based on the applicant's qualification, class capacity and the recommendation of the faculty council.