Architecture & Planning Journal

Architecture & Planning Journal (APJ)

Architecture and Planning Journal (APJ), being an additional educational method, has established itself and rapidly developed from a local to a regional scope, and is currently expanding its profile. Many authors, researches, and writers have contributed their views, ideas and thoughts, making APJ a valuable resource and supplier of Knowledge, serving researchers, academics, and students within the dual field of Architecture and Urbanism, and thus contributing to the mission of the Faculty as a whole.


The Architecture & Planning Journal (APJ) invites the submission of papers on themes related to architecture, urban design, and planning in all countries. All papers submitted, preferably in English language, will be subject to independent review by referees, following the 'double blind' system.

Papers on all aspects of architecture, urban design, and planning and development will be considered, including theory, policy, practice, implementation and methodology. The APJ covers a range of architecture, urban design, and planning interests and welcomes papers concerned with:

  • Theories of architectural design (culture, philosophy, theories, interpretations, pedagogy, concepts, thoughts, design trends, styles, & chronological reviews)
  • Architectural education (teaching methods, applications, experiences, e-learning, modeling, sketching, ext)
  • Building construction technology (structural systems, high tech. Buildings, execution methods, field studies, building materials, ext)
  • Digital architecture (vr, ai, cyberspace, hypersurface, hybrid systems, computer digital modeling, computer aided design, parametric design, ext)
  • Planning, housing & urban design (theories of planning, housing, urban design, & gis applications, ext)
  • Conserving 'heritage & historical architecture' (methods of conserving, materials, restoration, ext)
  • Architecture & environmental studies (sustainability, smart materials, acoustics, lighting, green arch., performative arch., leed, ecotech, zero carbon, zero energy buildings, ext)
  • Landscape architecture (landscape design, new applications, categories, trends of landscape, ext)
  • Interior design (Furniture, interior details, décor, painting materials, lighting, theories of interior design, & its materials)

Papers submitted to the APJ should embody the results of sustained research into matters of interest to the architecture and planning movement and planning practitioners. Authors should note that they are writing for an international readership and they should therefore communicate in clear, straightforward English, avoiding whenever possible the extensive use of academic and professional jargon. The use of appropriate illustrations is encouraged.

The preferred length for manuscripts submitted is either 2500-5000 words including Notes and References for full-length papers or 2500-3000 words (including Notes and References) for shorter reports on current architecture and planning research topics. Three copies of manuscripts should be submitted indicating author(s) name(s), current affiliation and research/practice interests on a separate sheet of paper. The ARJ welcomes papers accepted for publication also being supplied on IBM-compatible Compact Disk (CD).

All material submitted should be typed with lines double-spaced and with wide margins. The ARJ has now adopted the Harvard (author: date) referencing system, along with text fully written in UK English. Intending authors are also encouraged to contact the editorial office to get acquainted with the current journal format to give detailed guidance for manuscript preparation and include advice on tables, appendixes and illustrations. Illustrations will be returned to authors, but the ARJ cannot accept responsibility for their loss or damage to them.

The submission of a paper to the Architecture & Planning Journal implies an undertaking by the author(s) that it is not being submitted simultaneously to any other journal. The author(s) of accepted papers will be asked to sign a lease of copyright to Beirut Arab University Press.

Authors will receive one free copy of the issue of the APJ in which their paper appears and five offprints of their paper (joint authors will receive one copy each and share the offprint entitlement).

All editorial correspondence should be addressed to:

  • The Editor, Architecture & Planning Journal, Faculty of Architecture - Design & Built Environment, Beirut Arab University, Tarik El Jedidah – Omar Farroukh Street
  • P.O. Box: 11-5020 Riad El Solh 1107 2809, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Tel.: +961-7-985080/3201 Fax: +961-7-985080/3202
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