Rules & Regulation

The University applies the credit-hour system across all its programs. According to the United Nations definition, the credit-hour system is one of the educational systems most aligned with basic human rights in that it offers students the freedom in course selection and workload through their enrollment. The credit hour system is a flexible system that allows students to extend or condense the time needed to acquire a degree in comparison with the standard duration according to their needs and in line with the university and faculty rules and procedures. This system also allows students to organize their own timetable under the supervision of the teaching staff represented by the academic advisor.

The credit hour is a standard unit of measure that is used to specify the course load per semester. Each credit hour is equal to either:

  • One contact hour of lectures per week, or;
  • Two or three hours of tutorial, practical and/or clinical class contact per week.

Language of instruction is English, with the exception of some departments in the Faculty of Human Sciences, and the Faculty of Law and Political Science.