Applied Mathematics and Computational Sceinces

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The Faculty of Engineering conducts research that has relevance to Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences. An example of research addresses wireless communications standards which are evolving at a fast pace with gigabits per second data rates and sub-one millisecond latencies expected. This research is mainly concerned with the correct operation of such systems through an efficient management of the network resources (frequency, time, and power). The development of efficient resource management schemes involves concepts from optimization theory, game theory, machine learning which fall under the category of applied mathematics and computational sciences.

Several research topics currently being tackled by researchers in the faculty of engineering fall under this theme. Some specific topics are listed here below.

  • Prediction of chloride penetration into concrete using the diffusion equation
  • Radio resource management for beyond 4G networks

Researchers in the Faculty of Engineering show their interest in these topics by conducting research and reporting the outcomes in prestigious international and national journals, magazines, symposia, conferences and meetings. More than 2 publications were reported during the last two years.

One main research direction is concerned with developing approximations to the estimate of the aggregated retailers’ orders variance that lead to the bullwhip effect in the supply chain using renewal theory and Markov chain models for two-echelon supply chains.