Research Unit from the Faculty of Engineering completes Phase 2 of Beirut Port Blast

21 September 2020


The Research Unit Team from the Faculty of Engineering lead by Professor Yehya Temsah and including Dr. Ali Gahami, Colonel Bassam Timani and a group of Lab Technicians moved in their work from Phase 1 to the Phase 2 of the research project related to Beirut Port explosion The Second Phase consisted of defining the mechanical properties of the Wheat Silos construction materials.

The Team performed a Site visit on September 16, 2020 to the explosion area in order to extract concrete core specimens and reinforcing rebar of different diameters from the Wheat Silos. The collected specimens were transmitted to the material laboratory at Debbieh Campus and were subject to tests in order to define their mechanical properties which is an important constituent part of the third research phase related to the structural analysis.