BAULS certified as a reference center of the American Heart Association

09 December 2019


Beirut Arab University’s Life Support Center (BAULS) was certified as the first Lebanese reference center of the American Heart Association in the Middle East and North Africa, which was announced at the annual conference held in Dubai on December 9, 2019.

The center will undertake the following advancements:

1. Developing and rehabilitating centers

2. Supervising the quality of training

3. Increasing specialized training courses to further enable trainers, supervisors and coordinators

Since 2017, the center affiliated to the Faculty of Health Sciences was recognized by the American Heart Association for its confirmation to the highest international standards in training programs for health and medical personnel according to AHA union’s medical and legal procedures and Lebanese hospitals.

As a result, the center’s work has expanded and training courses are supervised and conducted by professional regional trainers to maintain and ensure high-quality standards at five training sites across Lebanon:

• Haykel Hospital, Tripoli

• Al-Youssef Hospital Center, Akkar

• Makassed University

• Continuing Medical Training Center, Bekaa

• BAULS at BAU Tripoli Campus