Agreement of Cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health to secure the COVID-19 Vaccine for the University

22 April 2021


Beirut Arab University represented by its President Professor Amr Galal El Adawi signed an Agreement of Cooperation with the Minister of the Public Health Dr. Hamad Hassan and some private universities in Lebanon and a representative from Pfizer to secure a quantity of Pfizer vaccines to vaccinate the educational and administrative staff at the university with the aim to secure a safe return for students, academic and non- academic staff before the Fall 2021.

The agreement states that Beirut Arab University receives fifteen thousand (15000) vaccines where the universities determine the Vaccination Centers and supervise the process. The university also puts at the disposal of the Ministry of Public Health all the information in this regard; in addition to complete the vaccination process through the ministry’s platform where all recipients should be registered on it. Furthermore, the universities shall bear the responsibilities of storing vaccines in well-equipped places to ensure their effect and quality.

In this framework, President Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi mentioned that: “It is important that institutions serve the community in the light of the pandemic that widely spreads where the health and social situation in Lebanon is threatening especially that hospitals have reached their maximum capacity. Furthermore, the corona field clinics at the university which provide its services free of charge to the community through a medical and nursing team from the university under the supervision of the HealthCare Center of the Faculty of Medicine at the university contribute in encountering the virus.”