A Research Study Project for Port Beirut Explosion conducted by BAU- Faculty of Engineering

22 November 2020


A research team from Beirut Arab University - Faculty of Engineering led by prof. Yehya Temsah - Assistant dean, professor of structural engineering - conducted a Study Project for the Beirut Port Explosion in collaboration with the Lebanese Army. The project aimed, through structural analysis approach, to define the magnitude of the explosive material weight, the structural response of the Wheat Silos and their protective role.

The preliminary study results were of great importance and the research team was invited to present their study in several local and international scientific discussions.
On one hand, the Research Team Head Prof. Temsah also participated in an international online conference organized by Balamand University- Lebanon Map, entitled “Beirut Blast: A Paradigm Shift in Open Geospatial Data “ which was held on November 6 and 7, 2020.
On another hand, Prof. Yehya Temsah and Dr. Ali Jahami - Assistant professor, lecture at the faculty of engineering - participated in a webinar organized by Beirut Order of Engineers and Architects entitled “Beirut Blast: Nature, Magnitude, Observation, Damages and Assessment” which was held on November 13, 2020.