Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical-Microbiology

  • Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Pharmacy
  • Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Program Description

The PhD Program consists of a total of 40 Credit Hours divided as follows:

Specialized Elective Courses: 18

Credit Hours Thesis: 22 Credit Hours

All specialized Elective Courses are selected in accordance to the field of specialization.

Study Plan:

PhD Specialized Elective Courses (PHDS)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR801 Research Project 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR814 Selected Topics In Molecular Genetics 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR815 Modern Theories In Bio-Deterioration And Bio-Degradation 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR816 Advanced Applications Of Biotechnology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR817 New Researches In Virology 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR829 Advanced Selected Topics Related To The Point Of Research 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR834 Departmental Seminar And Journal 1 (1Lec) PHDS
PHAR837 DNA/Protein Interaction 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR838 Current Topics In Molecular Biology 1 (1Lec) PHDS
PHAR839 Vaccine Technologies 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR840 Molecular Immunology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR841 Microbial Contamination Control In The Pharmaceutical Industry 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR842 Biotechnology Of Antibiotics 3 (3 lec.) PHDS