Law-and-Political-science - International-Trade-in-english-

  • Degree: Speciality Diploma
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Law & Political Science
  • Department: Law

Program Description

1. One year: for the holder of the bachelor degree in law in 4 years (24 Crs). Transfer Credits: International private law and Intellectual property laws.

2. Two years: for the holder of the bachelor degree in law in 3 years ( 30 Crs)

3. For the holder of bachelor other than law + (2 years of experience related to the major of International trade law) . This category of applicant shall finalize 9 credits prerequisite law courses before starting the LLM degree Courses. - All these categories shall submit a thesis paper at the end of the LLM study, which is equivalent to 6 Crs.

Curriculum: The LLM in International Trade Law consists of the following:

1- Mandatory Courses (20 Crs)

2- Elective (4crs)

3- Thesis (6Crs.)

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
TLAW601 Law, Globalization and Cultural transformations/or International insolvency 2 2 Major
TLAW603 International Trade Contracts 2 2 Major
TLAW605 International Private Law 3 3 Major
TLAW607 International Trade Institutions 2 2 Major
TLAW609 Research Workshop 3 3 Major
Second Semester
TLAW602 International Bank Operations / Advanced Competition Law/Stock Market transactions 3 3 Major
TLAW604 Intellectual Property Laws (Industrial and Commercial Property) 3 3 Major
TLAW606 E-Commerce 3 3 Major
TLAW608 Multinational Corporations/Companies 3 3 Major
TLAW610 International dispute settlement 3 3 Major