Human-Sciences - Master-in-Clinical-Psychology

  • Degree: Master
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Human Sciences
  • Department: Psychology

Program Description

The aim of this master degree is to train students to reach an adequate level of competency to offer basic mental health services, such as diagnosing mental health problems, and intervening using the appropriate psycho-therapy/cognitive behavioral techniques, while applying the code of conduct and ethics in their activities. This master has been created to fulfill the acute shortage of trained personnel operating in the mental health and clinical psychology fields. This program, therefore, equips graduates with the necessary techniques in the following: 1. Diagnosis, classification and prognosis 2. Psychological Assessment 3. Counseling/Psycho-therapy.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
CLIN2 Practicum I 2 3Crds:6Prac MD
CLIN601 Counseling and Psychopathology 2 2Crds:2Lec MD
CLIN602 Clinical Evaluation and Methods of Diagnosis and Prognosis 2 2Crds:2Lec MD
CLIN603 Diagnosis and Classification of Abnormal Behaviour 2 3Crds:3Lec MD
CLIN604 Clinical intervention 2 2Crds:2Lec MD
CLIN605 Methods of Research in Clinical Psychology 2 2Crds:2Lec MD
CLIN606 Skills of Writing a Clinical Report 2 2Crds:2Lec MD
CLIN608 Practicum II 2 3Crds:6Prac MD
CLIN643 Case Study 2 2Crds:2Lec ED
Second Semester
CLIN620 Mental Health 2 3Crds:3Lec ED
CLIN621 Clinical neuropsychology 2 3Crds:3Lec ED
CLIN622 Health Psychology 2 3Crds:3Lec ED
CLIN625 Individual Therapy 2 2Crds:2Lec ED
CLIN626 Psychopathology 2 3Crds:3Lec ED
CLIN627 Psychopharmacology 2 2Crds:2Lec ED
CLIN642 Group therapy 2 2Crds:2Lec ED