Engineering - Computer-Engineering-Program

  • Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Debbieh
  • Faculty: Engineering
  • Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Program Description

Thesis + The remaining 18 Credit hours should be taken as elective courses.

Study Plan:

Electives (E)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
COMP701 Structure And Design Of Programming Languages 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP702 Parallel Computing 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP703 Special Topics In Artificial Intelligence 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP704 Advanced Database Systems 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP705 Image Understanding 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP706 Computational Geometry 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP707 Special Topics In Data Security 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP708 Special Topics In Logic Theory 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP709 Randomized Algorithms 3 (3Crs.) E
COMP710 Applications Of Automata Theory To Digital Design 3 (3Crs.) E