Business-Administration - Economics

  • Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Business Administration
  • Department: Economics

Program Description

PhD in Business Administration - Economics

The objective of this program is to provide candidates with advanced knowledge in their field of specialization through exposure to the current literature as well as acquainting the candidate with research methodologies and designs. This program offers vast research expertise in both organizational behavior (e.g., leadership, stress management, social influence, and organizational politics) and human resources management (e.g., employee recruitment/selection, job performance, diversity, and labor relations). Candidates will develop a deep appreciation for the research and insight of subjects dealing with the “human” side of work, relational topics and organizational-level topics.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
BECO701 Microeconomics I 3 3 Major R
BECO702 Econometrics I 3 3 Major R
BUSN701 Business Research Methods and Skills 3 3 Major R
Second Semester
BECO703 Advanced Microeconomic Theory 3 3 Major R
BECO704 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory 3 3 Major R
BECO705 Econometrics II 3 3 Major R
BECO706 Economic Development and Sustainability Seminar 3 3 Major R
Third Semester
BECO707 International Trade and Trade Policy 3 3 Major R
BECO708 Labor Economics 3 3 Major R
BECO709 Special Topics in Economics 3 3 Major R
------- Comprehensive Exam and Research Proposal 3 3 Major R
Fourth Semester
BECO799 Thesis 24 24 Major R