Knowledge of and readiness for medication therapy managementamong community pharmacists in Lebanon


Background To follow international standards, the Lebanese Order of Pharmacists would like to start to implement the medication therapy management in community pharmacies. Objective The objective of this study is to evaluate community pharmacists’ knowledge of and readiness for medication therapy management. Setting Community pharmacists from all Lebanese regions. Method A cross-sectional observational descriptive study was conducted. Pharmacists at their workplace completed self-administered anonymous standardized questionnaires between June and December 2016, with no compensation in return. Statistical analysis was conducted using bi-variate and multi-variable methods. Main outcome measure The major dependent variable of interest was the willingness to engage in medication therapy management activities. Results While only 376 (46%) of the interviewed pharmacists declared to be familiar with this concept, the majority of interviewed pharmacists 646 (78.8%) agreed on the importance of patient-centered care. Although this service will not be remunerated at this stage, 529 (64.5%) were willing to attend advanced training sessions to become actively engaged in medication therapy management, particularly those who had adequate workflow, staff and time at their workplace (aOR = 1.51; p = 0.045) and those agreeing to review a patient’s medication profile and provide interventions as part of their role (aOR = 6.10; p < 0.001). Conclusion Lebanese pharmacists have adequate knowledge and a positive attitude towards medication therapy management services implementation; however, barriers could arise such as inadequate time, workflow and physical space. Efforts should be exerted by the Lebanese Order of Pharmacist to extend the role of the pharmacist and its positive effect on patient outcome.


souraya Abdel Rahman Domiati


Hala Sacre, Nathalie Lahoud, Georges Sili, Pascale Salameh, Souraya Domiati

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International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy,DOI: doi:10.1007/s11096-018-0666-0., ISSN: PMID: 29858761., Volume: no volume, Issue: no issue, Pages Range: 1-10