Nanovesicular Carrier-Mediated Transdermal Delivery of Tadalafil: I- Formulation and Physicochemical Characterization


The limited permeability of stratum corneum, the main skin barrier, towards pharmaceutical active ingredients represents the main obstacle encounter the transdermal drug delivery system. In the current study, penetration enhancer-containing nanoliposomes, that is, penetrosomes were formulated incorporating tadalafil to enhance its transdermal permeability. Hydration-sonication method was used to prepared penetrosomes bearing tadalafil. The prepared nanocarriers were characterized in terms of vesicles shape and surface morphology, size and size distribution, zeta potential, entrapment efficiency, and elasticity. Results pointed to that penetrosomes were spherical in shape with a unilamellar-closed structure in the nanometric narrow size range proved by their law span index. Penetrosomes formulations elaborated deformable vesicles more than the conventional liposomes, with the Penetrosomes-based Labrasol® being the most deformable formulation. Penetrosomes-ultraelastic nanoliposomes represent an attractive vehicle for transdermal delivery of tadalafil to treat erectile dysfunction.


Mohammed M. Mehanna


Adel M. Motawaa, Magda W. Samaha

Journal/Conference Information

Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy,Volume 41(5): 714–721