Novel microstructured sildenafil dosage forms as wound healing promoters


URPOSE: Study the possible benefit of combining biodegradable polymers with sildenafil citrate (SC) in wound healing. METHOD: Biodegradable micronized powdered formulations of SC were prepared by spray drying using chitosan (P₁) or chitosan/gum Arabic (P₂). Powders were characterized by differential scanning calorimetry, Scanning electron microscope, particle size analysis, flow and swelling behavior. The powders were also incorporated into microstructured gels and in vitro SC release from powders and gels was tested. In vivo wound healing acceleration was tested by measuring area contraction of excision wounds and histologically. Post-healing tensile strength (TS) for incision wounds in rats receiving powder formulations was tested. RESULTS: The powders were in the micron-size range showing no SC-polymers interaction. Powders had poor flow with angle of repose (θ) of 41 - 48°, and high moisture uptake reaching 107% for placebo powder P₁. Good excision wound healing was seen with P1 and G1 formulations showing 98.4 and 98.5% reduction in wound area, respectively, compared with 83% for the control. Incision wounds were improved with P1 showing TS value of 6.9 compared with 3.7 kg/cm² for control. Histological examinations supported. CONCLUSION: Spray-dried chitosan/SC powder (P₁) and its gel form (G₁) could be promising wound healing promoters as supported by the histological examinations. KEYWORDS: excision; incision; sildenafil citrate; spray drying; wound healing


Samy WM


Ghoneim AI, Elgindy NA

Journal/Conference Information

Expert Opin Drug Deliv,vol 11 - issue 10, 1525-1536