Exercise Prevents Cardiovascular Dysfunction by Suppression of some ProInflammatory Cytokines


Physical exercise is well recognized as important strategy for reducing the risk of chronic heart disease, and recent research has focused on its role in the inflammatory profile beside the effect on the lipid profile. However, the mechanisms by which exercise training (swimming) improve cardiovascular function have not been fully clarified. In the present study we aimed to evaluate the effect of 10 weeks exercise on the proinfammatory cytokine TNF-α and lipid profile and the link between inflammation and lipid metabolism. Male rats were assigned to a sedentary control group and swimming group (three times per week for 10 weeks). Swimming exercise induced a decrease in plasma LDL. In addition, there was a reduction in cardiac TNF- α levels. Key words: Swimming - exercise - lipid profile - TNF-α


Mariam A. Mahmoud


Asmaa F. Galal, Asser I. Ghoneim, Amani E. Khalifa, Osama A.Elshabrawy

Journal/Conference Information

Current Science International, 3(3): 208-212