Alloxan-induced diabetic thermal hyperalgesia, prophylaxis and phytotherapeutic effects of Rheum ribes L. in mouse model.


Rheum ribes L., known as Syrian rhubarb, is used in traditional Lebanese folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes. The present study aims to investigate the activities of R. ribes aqueous extract for glucose homeostasis, in vivo antioxidant and diabetic neuropathy protection in mice. The acute and the subacute effects of various doses of R. ribes on blood glucose and in vivo antioxidant activity utilizing serum catalase level (CAT) were studied in alloxan-diabetic mice. The high doses significantly lowered glucose level and increased serum CAT in alloxan-diabetic mice. Pretreatment with the extract prior to alloxination, protected the mice from acquiring diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. Treatment with the extract for 8 weeks alleviated hyperalgesia in diabetic mice. Our findings provide clinicians with promising drugs intended for the management of the symptoms of diabetic complications. The protective activity of R. ribes against acquiring diabetes and diabetic neuropathy might pave the way for preparing a prophylactic treatment for diabetes risk groups.


Raafat K


Aboul-Ela M, El-Lakany A

Journal/Conference Information

Arch Pharmacal Researches,DOI: 10.1007/s12272-014-0372-y