Available Scholarships to the University of Minho UMinho in Portugal under UMOVE ME project

09 October 2019


Available Scholarships for Registered Students and for Non-Teaching Staff to the University of Minho (UMinho) in Portugal under UMOVE(ME) project.

The first call for submission of applications, under the UMove(ME) 2019 project, is open.

- relevant data on UMinho

o website – (general website)

Who can apply?

All students of BAU are entitled to apply as long as they are registered and enrolled in a course from the first, second or third cycle of studies.

How long does the exchange programme lasts?  

The duration of a period of study abroad is of 4 months for Students.

For more information: (ICM website)

All applications must be submitted online until the 15th November 2019, using the application form provided on the link   

To get more information please contact the International Relations Office at BAU.