Please check the "Admission Requirements" Section on the Graduate Studies page at BAU's website to know more about the admission requirements.

If you hold a degree from BAU or any other recognized University and all requirements are met then you are welcome to apply.

Yes, You can apply and we may consider your application if you are about to graduate and assess your application based on a current transcript listing all the courses that you have attained so far. You may even be offered a conditional acceptance but you must provide your final results and a proof that your degree has been granted, once they are out.

Final acceptance will be made when we have received evidence of your degree with your final grades.

Students interested in getting a Master degree should hold a Bachelor degree and those interested in getting a PhD degree should hold a Master Degree obtained from Beirut Arab University or any other recognized University .

Graduate programs start in both the fall and spring semesters. However, only few Faculties accept new students in the spring semester. Interested applicants should check the Academic Calendar page for more information.

Yes, you can apply for more than 1 program if related to your Bachelor degree, on the same application.

If not related, then you should refer to the Faculty concerned to check if you are eligible to apply for the desired program. Moreover, if you are eligible, then you need to fill a separate application for each program but you are requested to pay the fees of only 1 application.

Applications can be submitted during the admission period assigned by the University and announced on BAU's website. Interested applicants should check the Dates & Deadlines page for more information.  

Yes you can apply online, on BAU's Website on , If you cannot find the information or you are confused about any info, you can then contact the Graduate Studies office or call 00961-1-300110.
Interested candidates can also visit BAU Graduate Studies office, fill the Graduate application form, and provide the office with all required documents.

Original / Endorsed Documents:
    * An endorsed photocopy of the Official Lebanese Secondary Certificate or its equivalent.
    * An endorsed final academic Degree certificate
    * An endorsed final academic transcript (a copy of your current can be presented until the final one is issued)
    * An Equivalence of the Bachelor Degree from the Ministry of higher education in Lebanon is a must before submitting the application.
    * Recommendation letters (2 letters for MS and 3 letters for PhD)

Personal Documents:
    * An endorsed photocopy of the Individual Civil Status Record for Lebanese applicants and passport copy endorsed by an official entity for Non-Lebanese
    * Two recent photos endorsed by an official entity.

Additional Documents:
    * An endorsed Master Degree certificate, an endorsed transcript and a copy of your Master's thesis (for PhD applicant)
    * Additional documents for the Faculties of Engineering, Architecture and the Medical Faculties (Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences) may be required

Yes, all documents should be provided when applying. If any original document is not available, you can at least provide a copy of it until you bring in the original ones. 

If the final certificate was not issued during the admission period, you should provide an official statement from your University stating that you have successfully finished your courses and obtained your degree.

If your application was accepted, yet some of your documents were copies, then you have to provide all the original ones so you can register your courses.

Sure, you can get them back but you have to replace them with a copy as long as the admission period is not closed. If you were accepted and have registered and you wish to withdraw any of your original documents, you should replace the original copy with an endorsed one. If the endorsed copies are not available at that time, you can sign a pledge to return them in a specified period otherwise a "Hold" will be executed on your file until you resubmit these documents.
You should visit Graduate Studies office to submit the pending documents and provide them with your ID number to add the documents to your original file.

When you create an online admission application and indicate your recommendation reference details, an email will be sent to them with instructions on submitting their recommendation online.

If delivered by you on site, then letters should be original and not copies. Please note that we will not accept any recommendation letter by email or fax.

If you have graduated more than 3 years ago, you can submit one academic reference and one professional reference.
If you have graduated more than 5 years ago, we can consider two professional references.

All applicants are to pass an English language exam except those applying to the Faculty of Human Sciences where the language exam depends on the nature of the courses while the Faculty of Law and Political Science requires an interview.

Yes, IELTS or TOEFL are equivalent to the GLEE and will replace it, all you have to do is to provide an evidence of your English language proficiency when applying via IELTS, TOEFL ITP or TOEFL iBT and the exam must have been taken within 2 years of the commencement of the program date or it will be rejected. The minimum required score accepted :

Test Lebanese Applicants Non-Lebanese Applicants
BAU's English Language Proficiency Exam 60 60
TOEFL (Paper & pencil) iBT 520 520
TOEFL (Internet based) ITP 68  
IELTS 5.5 5.5
Yes, the original certificate should be attached to the application to get an exemption from BAU GLEE.

You can pay your fees at the University cashier or at one of the following Banks: 

  • Bankmed SAL
  • Bank of Beirut
  • Banque Misr Liban
No you cannot request an extension, you have to pay your application fees before the deadline, otherwise you will not be eligible to sit for GLEE if requested and your application will not be considered.
No, you are not entitled for a refund unless the concerned Faculty, you intend to apply for, is not offering the desired program for that semester.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email from Graduate Studies office stating that your submission is successful and that your application is being processed. You will also be informed of the deadline to submit any remaining documents otherwise your application will be overlooked.
Your application is then sent to the concerned Faculty for consideration and you can track its progress and result on the Graduate Studies page on BAU Website.

Unfortunately, you need to make your own arrangements.
The university is not responsible for providing housing for its students in Beirut Campus. However, BAU offers dormitory facilities for its students in Debbieh campus.

You should contact your Embassy for VISA details. You are responsible for your visa paper and all details
No, confirmation of acceptance can be received only upon course registration and payment of the required fees.