Science - Course - Radiation Physiology and Anatomy

  • Course Code: MDPH607
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution:  (3 Cr.:3 Lec.)
  • Course Type: Mandatory Course (MC)

Course Description

The principles of anatomy and general anatomical terms, Principles of immunology, Structure and function of cells, Biology-Physiology and biochemistry Cell, Types of cell and tissue, Organic constituents of cells, DNA as concepts of gene action, Mutation, Semi conservative DNA synthesis, Basic anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Anatomic Staging of the disease, Histopathology classification, Treatment of cancer, Oxygenation and radio resistance effects, Genetic variation crossing over, chromosome segregation, Heredity and its mechanisms, Different systems in Body, Classification and origins of tumors, electrical and mechanical activity of normal and diseased heart, normal and abnormal pressure, Body composition analysis, Cancer Biology : Cancer defined, Mutation, Tumor viruses and the discovery of oncogenes, Mechanisms of oncogene activation, Familial cancer syndromes, Cancer stem cells, DNA repair mechanisms, DNA repair defects and their relationship to cancer, Metastasis, Diagnostic and treatment.