Science - Course - Radiation Dosimetry

  • Course Code: MDPH604
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution:  (2Cr:2 Lec.)
  • Course Type: Mandatory Course (MC)

Course Description

Dosimetric quantities and units, Simple methods for estimation of dose rates around radioactive source, Dosimetry techniques, Teletherapy Machines and accessories, Medical Linear accelerator, Quality assurance and calibration, Beam, Radiation detection, Basic and principales of radiation detection, Detectors, Linear attenuation coefficient QA, Instruments and detectors used in clinical radiation dosimetry, Calibration, Quality assurance, Commercially available dosimetry systems, Computerized treatment planning systems, Dose calculation methods, Quantification of the dose distribution, Tumor and organs delineation, Treatment simulation, Treatment QA and planning system, Dosimetry for Brachytherapy, ICI, ICA, Linear sources, LDR, MDR, HDR, PDR, Source calibration procedure, Decay calculations and its verification, Dosimetry for large field radiation, Whole body irradiation, NSD, CRE, TDF, Beam quality protocols, IAEA protocols.