Science - Course - Physics of Radiotherapy

  • Course Code: MDPH603
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3 Cr.:3 Lec.)
  • Course Type: Mandatory Course (MC)

Course Description

Units and definition, Objectives of radiotherapy, Oncology, Diagnosis and extent of disease, Principles of radiation Oncology and cancer radiotherapy, Parameters to be considered for particular treatment choice, linear accelerator, Heavy particle accelerator, Brachytherapy, Surface applicators, , Immobilization devices, General aspects of Radiotherapy, Radiation factors, Normal Tissue Tolerance, Therapeutic ratio, Methods of Increasing Therapeutic Ratio, Units and quality of radiation, Importance of beam directed X-ray therapy, Patient preparation for radiation treatment, radiation dose tolerance of various organs, Use these in RT planning, Dose size and its effects on radiation tolerance, Protontherapy and new technique, radiotherapy via protontherapy, Principles of radiation dosimetry, PDD, TAR, PSF/BSF, TMR, Isodose curve, Simple and complex fields, Treatment planning systems, Basic of 3D beam data acquisition system, Record Keeping, Treatment chart-notes computerization, Hospital network.