Science - Course - Many Body Physics

  • Course Code: PHYS719
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3crs.: 3lec.)
  • Course Type: Elective Courses (EC)

Course Description

Second Quantisation: Identical Particles. The “Continuous” Fock Representation. The “Discrete” Fock Representation. Many-Body Model Systems: Crystal Electrons. Non-interacting Bloch Electrons. The Jellium Model. The Hubbard Model. Lattice Vibrations. The Harmonic Approximation. The Phonon Gas. The Electron-Phonon Interaction. The Effective Electron-Electron Interaction. Spin Waves. Classification of Magnetic Solids. Magnons. The Spin-Wave Approximation. Green’s Functions. Systems of Interacting Particles.