Science - Course -  Imaging Physics: Diagnostic and Nuclear Medicine 

  • Course Code: MDPH602
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3 Cr.:3 Lec.)
  • Course Type: Mandatory Course (MC)

Course Description

X-ray, Characteristic and continuous X-ray Spectrum, Source of X-ray, X-ray tubes, Physics of X-ray production, X-ray spectra, Characteristics X-rays, Factors affecting quality of X-ray emission, Diagnostic Imaging, Image Intensifier, Densitometry parameters of a radiography film, Factors affecting image and minimization of patient exposure in radiography and fluoroscopy, Simulator, CT-scanner, MRI, PET, SPECT, USG, Gamma camera, Role of these diagnostic in RT planning, Physics of nuclear medicine, Accelerators, Detectors, Radionuclide, Radiopharmaceuticals, Imaging systems, Types of imaging nuclear medicine, Radioisotope imaging generalities, Images from radioisotopes, Radioisotopes production, decay equations, Radionuclide administration, the most frequently used radioisotopes, Imaging instrumentation (Scintigraphy, Positron emission tomography PET, Hybrid imaging), Image quality noise, Image registration, Non-imager instrumentation, Dose calibrators, Well counters, Probes, Internal dosimetry, Quantitative imaging , Radionuclide Therapy.