Pharmacy - Course - Phytochemistry

  • Course Code: PHAR471
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (2Lec, 2Lab)
  • Course Type: Faculty Mandatory Courses (Ph_Un_Mand)

Course Description

The course is designed to discuss classes of bioactive constituents from natural sources (glycosides, essential oils, alkaloids, and miscellaneous natural products). The course explains extraction, preparation, molecular structure, stability in extracts and interactions with other ingredients in pharmaceutical preparations, physical and chemical characteristics, pharmacological effects, SAR, and methods of quantification. The course depicts ensuring quality and safety of the products in extracts and in different dosage forms. The course specially emphasizes on the role of pharmacist in counseling OTC and prescribed drugs of natural origin belonging to the studied bioactive classes. Pre-requisite: PHAR 273, PHAR 360