Pharmacy - Course - Medicinal Chemistry III

  • Course Code: PHAR462
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (2Lec, 2Lab)
  • Course Type: Faculty Mandatory Courses (Ph_Un_Mand)

Course Description

The course illuminates the governance of chemical structure on biological attributes of some drug categories including: drugs acting on CNS (depressants and stimulants), insulin, oral hypoglycemic agents, thyroid drugs, diuretics, cardiovascular, and diagnostic agents. The chemotherapeutic characteristics of antineoplastic and antiviral agents, are reasonably discussed in relevance to drug development. Students are expected to postulate molecular modifications of lead drugs enhancing their bioavailability and biological activities, while appreciating the importance of chemistry towards improving patients safety and quality of life. The practical part of the course refines students ethical and professional competences. Pre-requisite: PHAR 363