Medicine - Course - Cardiovascular System

  • Course Code: CARD205
  • Credits: 7
  • Hours Distribution: (7 Cr)
  • Course Type:  Major Core (MC)

Course Description

This module introduces students to the structure, function, and development of the heart, blood vessels, blood cells and the lymphatic system. The students study the regulatory mechanisms of the cardiovascular system. They also study lipid metabolism, in addition to pathological changes in congestion, atherosclerosis, hypertension, ischemic heart diseases, congenital heart diseases as well as heart failure. They also study different microorganisms and parasites that affect the cardiovascular system and drugs used in treating cardiovascular disorders. The module also introduces the student to the history of medicine, the magnitude of burden of cardiovascular disease deaths worldwide, risk factors and preventive measures. Students are also introduced to clinical skills that assist them to develop the ability of focused history taking based on common diseases related to cardiovascular system, and cardiac examination in clinical skill lab. In this module, students learn how to plan strategy for balancing personal and professional demands, effective time management and prioritization of tasks. The students also become aware about professional rights and responsibilities. Prerequisites: FABL201, LOCO 202, COHD 203, HEMA204.