Health-Sciences - Course - NEUROMUSCULAR PT II

  • Course Code: PHTH317
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: 3Lec,0Cln,0Tut
  • Course Type: Major Core Courses (MCC)

Course Description

This course will focus on rehabilitation approaches for people with neurologic pathology. Students will examine factors that contribute to the control of voluntary movement and the learning of motor skills, and develop an understanding of the relationship between the brain and the purposeful movements that make us human. Students will acquire the skills to hypothesize about the relationship of health conditions and body function/structure to limitations in activities and participation in adults with neurologic pathology. A clinical decision making approach will combine contemporary rehabilitation approaches, consideration of psychosocial and cognitive factors, and research evidence in the discussion of complex patient cases. After completing this course, students will demonstrate novice-level knowledge necessary to complete a physical therapy examination and develop a comprehensive treatment plan for adults with neurologic pathology. Pre-req: ANAT 204.