Engineering - Course - Voltage Instability In Power Systems

  • Course Code: POWE701
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Crs.)
  • Course Type: General Education Electives (GEE)

Course Description

The following topics are included: Description of phenomena and problem based on recent incidents in the power systems, Fundamental theory and mechanisms describing voltage stability: static analysis based on load flow equations and nose curves, and dynamic mechanisms as automatic tap-changers and rotating machines. Methods for calculation of static stability, reactive power reserves and margins to voltage collapse: load flows, sensitivity analysis, continuation power flows Methods and techniques from a dynamic perspective: for example load characteristics. Colloquiums, written assignments using MATLAB/SIMULINK as well as self-study. So as to give a deep understanding of the mechanisms contributing to voltage instabilityand collapse. Also analytical techniques used to study the voltage collapse phenomena will be described.