Engineering - Course - Operating Systems

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  • Course Code: COMP443
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Crs.:2Lec,2Lab)
  • Course Type: Computer Engineering Core Courses (CECC)

Course Description

Overview, functionalities and characteristics of OS, CPU states, I/O channels, memory hierarchy, process, operations on processes, UNIX process control and management, PCB, signals, forks and pipes, Interrupt processing, operating system organization, OS kernel, Job and processor scheduling, scheduling algorithms, critical sections, mutual exclusion, synchronization, deadlock, Semaphores, Interprocess Communication (IPC), Message Passing, Deadlock: prevention, detection, avoidance, banker's algorithm, Memory organization and management, storage allocation, Virtual memory concepts, paging and segmentation, address mapping, File organization. Pre-req.: COMP 423.