Engineering - Course - Introduction to Engineering

  • Course Code: ENGR002
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab)
  • Course Type: ENGR 002 (GEC)

Course Description

Introducing the student to the engineering profession in general and the learning objectives that new students should attain, as aligned with the ABET requirements. Covering the basics of the engineering profession and engineering ethics. Introduction to the different engineering majors and to the learning objectives as specified by ABET. Insight into different engineering courses that are not technical in nature (e.g., engineering economy) Engineering design tasks that allow the student to start thinking as engineers: problem definition, specification of constraints, investigation of different solution alternatives, implementation of best solution, writing technical reports. Fundamental tools and numerical software used in engineering. The tools and software covered could be generic or specific to a major.