• Course Code: OPER793
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (6 Prac)
  • Course Type: Operative & Esthetic Dentistry (OPER)

Course Description

The program is designed to offer comprehensive training in all aspects of operative and esthetic contemporary restorative treatment. The clinical work includes comprehensive diagnosis, examination, treatment planning, smile analysis and smile design, esthetic workup including wax-up and mockup, advanced techniques for esthetic direct and indirect restorations as direct composite build-up, composite and ceramic veneers, bonded bridges, esthetic posterior restorations, computer-generated ceramic restorations, in-office bleaching, periodontal esthetics. Residents will be presented with a broad range of clinical procedures rather than any single method of treatment, preparing graduates to manage a diversity of cases and use varying treatment modalities with special emphasis on conservative approach and minimal invasive dentistry. Clinical seminars, workshops, case presentation and round table discussions will be offered throughout the entire clinical courses. The residents also will be encouraged to join the division clinical research project. By the end of this program, the student will be able to handle conservative restorative procedures and comprehensive esthetic cases with confidence.