• Course Code: GSRG322
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (2 Lec., 1 Pract.)
  • Course Type: Biomedical Sciences Courses (Biom. Sci.)

Course Description

The course aims to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, analyze and manage general surgical problems including surgical emergencies, in order to maintain efficient, cost effective and professional patient care and enable the development and application of appropriate professional attitude, ethical principles and communication skills. In addition to ensuring collaboration of health care providers by facilitating effective inter-professional education (IPE) aiming to promote the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through interactive learning students to optimize patient’s care. It also presents general information and knowledge of ear, nose, throat and neck diseases especially those related to dental medicine and surgery, their symptoms and signs, their underlying pathophysiology and management. In addition it provides students with basic knowledge in eye anatomy, physiology, function of vision and diagnosis as well as treatment of most common eye diseases. The relationship between dental and ophthalmic infections is highlighted.

Prerequisite PATH 223